your turn!

you can make comics too! click on the link for a printable comic starter, need more pages? re print it! comic creator!  also, try advertising BRB we are saving up money and if we get a donation or others advertising us (such as on youtube) we’d be really grateful and, if you advertise, send us a link to your advertisement in a comment and we’ll hook you up for a free copy of our next book: Minecraft, the guide to all you need know! plus we can let you give feedback while we’re in the process of making it, and, if you comment it here, access to an online meeting about tales of a Minecraft explorer 2, hacked by the hostile!

also, if you want to notify us about other people’s blogs or posts, click on the link to do so! posts 2 add! if you don’t know how to copy a post, see these steps:

  1. find the link you want to copy (go to their page)
  2. if you’r on google or safari, see the top text line:


    where it says

  3. highlight the text there and right click, then click copy (command C)
  4. go to our page and to our link on ‘posts 2 add’ then, once your in there, click paste (command V)

also, the command button is the one that looks like this:command-key-pretzel