the BLUE READ BOOKS movie!

coming out in 2019 the blue read books movie is meant to be popular enough to  get out the word about the books! the ⭐ stars  are listed below!

trash: jared rothey


hammer head

soda: jacob Taylor

hammer head: zack stahl

Jessica: Katie mariano

steve: john Stewart

Larry “O” Lolo  john Stewart

Leo “O” Lolo john Stewart

Jerry john Stewart 

Flarf john Stewart

Elephant zack stahl

blackcone: julian Connors

marionet 12345: Alex Avgerinos


jango fett III

jango fett III: jacob taylor

Minecraft Alex: madison strinbry

common surfing: john Stewart

comzon: john stewart

wanna see a preview of our



jack johnson

we can’t give away the background of the movie so far! sorry if your disappointed! 😦

meaning of a joke


soda is, or was, a crumpled up soda bottle in the beginning of blue read books. he’s stayed crumpled up but is just less detailed. his ‘theme inside a joke’ is that handicapped people can ACTUALLY DO STUFF! such as save the world twice a day or travel through intergalactic dimensions. that kinda stuff.


this is one of the original colored sketches for the blue read books movie.