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right now, though, you can see an N Shield Original, Atomic Man (by Nathan Taylor)

Atomic Man!!!!!!

By Nathan Taylor

Chapter 1

Once in a far far away place, there was a poor man. Now, I know what your thinking. What does he have to do with anything? Well you’re just about to find out in the adventures of… Atomic Man!!!!!! And guess what, this story is explosive!!!

Chapter 2

  Okay okay, back to the story. Now where was I, ahh, here we are. Okay, so the man was living on a farm, planting seeds, digging, all sorts of stuff. Just like any other farmer would do.But one day…

Chapter 3

A flaming orb came bolting down from space directly at the farm! The poor man was crying on his knees saying, “why, why of all places WHY??!!

But for some reason the poor man didn’t feel pain! He felt powerful. He was no longer some poor man, but forever and so he will be known as ATOMIC MAN!!!!!!!! He was an ever lasting super being!!!

        Chapter 4

  Flying through the air, the new atomic man was showing off his NEW powers. The man didn’t even notice that there was an EVIL CRIMINAL ON THE LOOSE!!! The whole world was in danger!!! I mean it was kind of cool at first, but if I had super powers I wouldn’t just show-

off. In fact, all i’d do would be to save people!!!

         Chapter 5

  The criminal was holding bags and bags of money and gold!!! At exactly 3:43 P.M., Atomic Man finally noticed the criminal! Of course, since Atomic Man had super speed, he caught the criminal in a jiffy!!! Finally Atomic Man’s uses actually came to good use! So I guess now because of Atomic Man, thing’s are going to be normal again,for now!

                    Chapter 6

 From that day on, criminal’s, rober’s, bad guys, were just flooding the world, and Atomic man probably just wanted to clone himself!!! He had so many things to handle at once! In fact, he was wishing he wasn’t a superhero any more! I mean who doesn’t want to be a superhero?!?! But guess what, he just got the world’s biggest problem!                       

            Chapter 7

  Atomic Man just got a new evil nemesis. And that was the famous… Death Shot! It was Atomic Man’s arch nemesis from kindergarten! Death Shot was unstoppable! And he never will be defeated!

                                                             Chapter 8

  It was assurable that Death Shot would win! He had just about every weapon ever created! He has never been defeated! He could even do a triple flip on pure ground & water! It was a scary time in the city!

Chapter 9                   

 Everybody had doors shut & locked, because that’s when the war began. Death Shot doing back & front flips pulled back an expert move. He twisted Atomic Man’s leg’s, arm’s, actually, to explain this easily, i’ll just say Death Shot twisted Atomic Man’s whole body. To say it easily, this was BAD! To make matters seem worse, Atomic Man was practically dead.

              Chapter 10                    

 Nothing could get worse,(if that was possible.) So Atomic Man gave it all that he had left. Atomic Man burst down Death Shot’s headquarters. Unfortunately, Atomic man past away at the crime scene. But just when all seemed lost…

           Chapter 11

 A new hero arose! Atomic Man’s son filled in for his father. Atomic Boy was born. Atomic Boy was an orphan. He was lonely, sad, he didn’t even have any friends. Until one day.

          Chapter 12

 Atomic Boy discovered a supernova box hidden in a small shed. He had a 50% chance he would survive. The explosion gave Atomic Boy powers. By the time Atomic Boy was 16 years old, he had full powers and was ready to fight. Right now Atomic Boy is 18 years old.

             Chapter 13

   (Death Shot speaking) “I will have to build a new headquarters or i couldn’t defeat Atomic Man. Oh wait i already defeated him!” *evil laugh* At the time, Death Shot doesn’t know Atomic Boy is on his way. Atomic Boy is having a bit of trouble on the way. You know, bird poop and stuff.

              Chapter 14   

  Luckley, just before Death Shot finished building his headquarters Atomic Boy made a dramatic entrance and broke it all down again. (death shot saying) “oh come on! SERIOUSLY?Death Shot was so confused, he thought there was another Atomic Man. “i can deal with Atomic man, so i can deal with you!”’ but of course atomic boy had a force field, so Death Shot’s fireball went right back to him and killed himself

          Chapter 15

   Another beautiful day back in the city. The sun is shining, the clouds are fluffy, someone set fire to my lawn. Wait, What!!! Oh well. At least we have a new hero… ATOMIC BOY!

  1. Who was Atomic Man’s arch nemesis?
  1. Doodoodugpoo
  2. Deadshot
  3. Atomic Boy
  4. Death Shot
  1. What was Atomic Boy’s age?
  1. 23
  2. 52
  3. 18
  4. 2
  1. What was Atomic Man before the flaming orb?
  1. A poor man
  2. A rich businessman
  3. A mother of 5 children
  4. The president of the United States.
  1.  What happened to Death Shot’s lair
  1. Atomic Boy used a wrecking ball on it
  2. It blew up
  3. Atomic man threw it to mars and it bashed into a million peices
  4. A giant hot dog fell on it

Answers below

Quiz answers:

1: D

2: C

3: A

4: B


also, the list of employees:

president: jacob Taylor

vice president: Nico horne

super intendant: Zack Stahl (a new series coming out by Zack, unknown title, will be on sale soon)

writers: Savar Amin, John Stewart (a new series by john, weird story, is coming out in march!) nathan taylor, jared rothey

advertisement committee: Julian Connors