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we’re sorry for the inconvenience, a few ‘spam’ comments were posted by an unknown blogger, “Carl Sojan” we’re hoping our loyal fans will report comments so the Blue Read Books crew will be able to take care of it. also, if the website seems glitchy at some point, that will be because the BRB team is working on our posting policy. for now, we’ll be enforcing the wordpress posting policy, no unhelpful or insulting comments. and remember, we can see your name on the comments you post! and we will report them to! and, also, remember if you see insulting comments from this “Carl Sojan” fellow, report them immediately!


Why should Blue Read Books, or BRB, keep its talented writers and illustrators to itself?! That is a question, I actually just came up with on the spot. But it sounds good enough! Well, lets just get to the point straight on! BRB needs help! Mostly with copying/printing. So, we’ve created a partnership with, one of the best by far comic companies we’ve seen yet, N Shield Comics!

And also be on the lookout for BRB’s unofficial Minecraft book series coming soon∗

∗date to be determined