About The Author

Jacob Taylor is a grade student who attends a public school in the greater Philadelphia area. His interest in books began before the age of one and he continued to grow in his profound love of words. Jacob has a passion for literature of all kinds but especially enjoys comic books, books on the subject of Legos and his Bible. This blog was created with the help of his mom, Laura Taylor, who is a freelance writer, photographer and social media manager. This site is intended to be a place where Jacob can publish his many books, comics and creative products to fulfill his desire to share his work with others and eventually sell his books to interested readers. We hope you enjoy Blue Read Books, and the newer, N Shield Comics!

About the name “Blue Read Books”: When Jacob began making books, his very first book was given a logo, as he noticed that every book he’s ever read begins with the name of a publisher and shows the publishing company’s logo. Jacob chose to draw his publisher’s logo as a horizontal rectangle with a line down the middle. Half of the rectangle is cherry red and the other half is deep ocean blue. Some versions of the logo are only in black and white in which the symbol is simply the rectangle with a line down the middle, some are black and white with a “BRB” in the middle. This logo symbolizes police lights as his first series contained a great deal of police activity with characters like “trash” and “soda bottle” (the main characters) who used to always trying to sneak into banks and rob them. They went through quite the changes! Later he began the series “Triangle Dude” but retained the use of the original logo. When Jacob’s mom had the idea to publish his books online, she thought a good name for the website would be something about his logo. After a morning discussion outside, together, Jacob and his mom came up with the name “Blue Read Books” – a take on the logo which is both blue and red. They loved the idea of changing the color red to the homonym “read” which was perfect for the subject of books. They both arrived at the idea at the exact same time and shortly thereafter, this blog was born.

BlueReadBooksAdjustedLogo 26Oct13

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

& part 4:


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