hooray! its the N Shield birthday!



n shield logo happy birthday to you N Shield comics! today, since it is the birthday of Blue Read Books’ neighboring company, we’re giving away a special sneek peek at a new book… Tales of a Minecraft Explorer 2: Hacked by the Hostile! see below…


Tales of a Minecraft Explorer 2: hacked by the hostile!


Chapter 1: The Docks

Once, in the minecraft world called ‘Paradise’ there was a minecrafter named steve. Steve was well known to the citizens of Paradise, or more commonly referred to as Paradise Falls, because of his work in our last book. He defeated many villains, including the ender dragon, herobrine (who’s now on his team), disasteron, and the army of admins. But alas, when there’s good there’s bound to be evil. A new admin army arose, but not as admins, as hackers. They were hacking the world of Paradise Falls block by block, pixel by pixel, town by town, but now, they were aiming for the town of watershed. A village by the sea, famous for it’s boats and fish. A different strategy was used for this town though, The hackers would arrive in person.

Watershed, outskirts of paradise falls, 8:43 am:

Steve whistled a friendly tune. “Hello steve” a few of the townspeople said as steve walked by, for they knew him well. He was going to the *fishmonger’s to buy cooked fish for his new year’s eve party. “Hiya steve” said the fishmonger.*fishmonger: a person who sells fish for a living.  “What can i getcha? Salmon? Regular? Big sale on blowfish!” “I’ll have the regular, cooked please.” steve replied. “Nice weather for fishin’ eh?” asked the friendly fishmonger as he reached to the middle shelf for some fish. Then, he walked over to the furnace to cook it. “Yes, i’m planning on sailing later today, i could go fishing!” steve answered. After paying, he knew the currency was emeralds, steve met up with Jango Fett III (the creator of paradise), Notch, Jeb, Herobrine, and his friend Ace for a boat ride. He rented three boats because two people could sit in each. While they were out in the deeper end, they saw a large wave, not recognizable to these parts. “Do we have a storm coming?!” Ace asked frantically. “I don’t know, but let’s get back to the mainland an’ tell the police Force” Jango suggested. They swiftly rowed back to shore and ran to the tower at the station. “I’ll send my best men” the chief of police answered them. Soon, a large platoon of military policemen hopped into ships docked and loaded with dispensers and TNT cannons. “What’r we dealin’ with t’day Jango?” the captain yelled. “We don’t know yet.” jango replied. “But let’s get out there an’ see!” they all rowed out in about 3 minutes when they discovered two gigantic pirate ships. Each about forty blocks long, 20 wide, and 50 tall! The police shot their cannons but it only made a slight dent in the ships, for they had a dark oak outline, with an obsidian structure. If the police had blown up each side and the bottom, the ship would have been a big, black, obsidian ship! But the police didn’t have enough TNT for that. So, the took a new approach… the police led them to drenchport base. Drenchport base was THE MOST sophisticated and protected city/base in ALL of paradise falls. Lucky for them, it was their neighboring city. The base had a big, 10 block tall, metal bar fence, with obsidian behind it. A bedrock wall 11 blocks tall (hehe, that rhymes) right behind the obsidian. The bedrock wall was 4 blocks wide and had more metal bars as railings. Every once in awhile the wall went out 8 blocks for a watchtower or a TNT cannon. If their foes were able to pass that defence, there was, under the wall, a tunnel with glass for people to see. If an intruder got past the wall, the people in the tunnel would flip just 2 switches and an entire wall of dispensers filled with arrows would shoot them over and over again. The city was on the inside of the wall, and atop every building, was a dispenser, chock full of arrows. Also, a TNT cannon, and another dispenser filled with– LAVA! “Quick! To the left 30th corner where the cannon is” the captain said to the driver. The ships followed them until they were blasted by TNT from a mod that made everything more powerful. And, well, let’s just say that might not have made the hackers very happy… The hackers turned their ship starboard (right) while the other turned port (left). They shot cannons several times until drenchport’s fencing was broken quite a bit. Miraculously, they were able to shoot over the fence and walls! Drenchport base’s army was not pleased, this is why they sent out a few ‘flying troops’ who were just paradise army officials given admin so they could proceed in going on special missions. Flying above, the flying troops, known better as the AA (admin army), were equipped with turret launchers, and biiiiiiiig swords, with the exception of rough mike, who had a biiiiiiiig hammer. “It’s time to put the fun in their funeral!” yelled sheshshii (pronounced shash shee), an admin from china who had his own regiment in the paradise army. “True dat!” replied waed (pronounced ‘wade’) who was– oversized, and had a tattoo, in his custom skin, of a skull & cross bones. The battle lasted about fifteen minutes, the tides kept changing, the tables turning, until finally, the AA drove the hackers off. Jango Fett III, was a bit worried when he saw a shimmer of white in one of their eyes. “Herobrine?” he thought out loud. “Yes?” herobrine replied. To this he realized that the ‘herobrine’ on the ship wasn’t herobrine, for the real herobrine was on their ship. “I was thinking out loud, hero, somethin’ ‘bout the pers’n on the big mast is strange.” Jango Fett III replied as the two big ships were leaving. “I don’t see noth- oh! That guy on the back looks alot like me! That is pretty strange.” said herobrine as his gaze wandered from ship mast to ship mast. “At least we know that they don’t have the most powerful hacker and greifer known to minecraft” Steve thought to himself, after overhearing the conversation. “Let’s go back to paradise, we can take a little trip to robin’s diner, i’ll buy!” he said. 🔲⏹


now, as a last- minute present…


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