The weird story chronicles: a guide

The weird story chronicles: a guide

Starter up!

Jerry, Larry-O-Lolo, and Elephant are doing their normal activities. Fighting each other with baseballs. Dilemma after dilemma the three get into, high jumps, regeneration, climbing mount everest, and bringing their younger siblings into it are all characteristics of these first six comics.

But then…


A portal appears out of nowhere and jerry, Larry, and elephant are sucked into a wormhole. Reappearing in Minecraft. Then, roblox. Then, the blue read books universe. The next three comics are about this portal saga and the fun it holds!

That’s a rap!

Finally, after meeting jango fett III, steve, jideus DC, noerrors, comzon, tootoomik, trash, soda, and hammer head. They reunite under the power of a portal recreated with the help of soda, Jango Fett III, and Nico Horne, who was teleported there in the blue read books world, our three friends and their friends (plus leo-o-lolo, Larry’s lil’ brother who came to the roblox world) are transported to the home of jerry. They all find their own homes in a new world to most of the guys, and live there happily ever after!




See books 11 through 20 for more info! More to come!


jango fett III


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