want to be in the latest blue read book?


in our new book, minecraft the guide to all you need to know, we’re doing a Q&A CONTEST! so, submit your how to survive questions below, plus, once the page is done, we’ll post the winning questions, and their answers, in a post… but here’s the catch– all questions will be answered! (just not all will make it into the book) how? we’ll give you an example of the post here:



  1. Q. blaabity blah blah A. blah blah blee blo bloo
  2. Q. bluyfjsfgjsfhjsgvs A jdhbdfhdfshdh
  3. Q. jhfdg;kgfhdyyhdft A. jtjtfhgfhhfdhdshgfdtfuyiufud

non- winners:

Q. jhdbgsjeuygd A. jdhfbvjsdbguseh

and so on…



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