Weird Story… in Minecraft!


comics in the weird story

      In Minecraft!

By JF3🌟

The three landed in paradise falls, hoping to find a way home. Work, did it? Not! “Hey! Who’re you?” yelled an unfamiliar voice… but to us, we know it! “Hi, you three must be new here! Welcome to paradise falls!” steve said. “Okay! Hi!” elephant said before anyone else could get a chance. “First, i’d like to say this place is nice! And also: WHY THE HECK ARE WE ALL SQUARE??!!” “ummm… well, for starters, this is minecraft litta boy. Oh, you must be new to minecraft altogether!” steve answered. “Well, DUH We are!” Jerry yelled. “Hey! What’s goin’ on here?” another new voice yelled. Elephant Jerry and Larry-O-Lolo turned around to see… a zombie “AAAAAHHHHH! OMGOSH! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!” the three yelled. “Um, yeah. I get that alot. Sheesh.” Jango said. “Hey Jango!” steve waved. “Oh! New guys, this is Jango Fett III, creator of paradise falls, and he’s not a-” steve was cut off. “Cool!” Larry-O-Lolo said. “A zombie built all of this?!” “I told you, I’m not a zombie! This is a mask! We *comprendo mi amigo?” Jango said (*you understand me, my friend? In spanish) “wha-?” jerry said. “Ya get it?” jango said again.”okay! We get!” Elephant chimed in. “yikes! Aaaaahhhh!” came the screams of residents in the hotel. “Huh? POLICE!” Jango yelled. “Jideus, Jideus DC, do you copy?” jango yelled into a radio.maxresdefault.jpg

“Yes, I copy, I’m comin fast!” Jideus cleared. Soon, a fire truck siren blasted through the air. Lights flashed and a big, red, blocky fire truck zoomed down the street. Minutes later, the fire slowed down and Jideus DC himself jumped out of the hotel with 2 men. With the admin ability Jango gave him, he flew the men to the road. Elephant and Jerry decided right away to trust him. “Um, let’s take a ride, where are the cars?” elephant asked. “I’m sorry, no cars, but you can take a minecart ride!” JF3 said. Elephant, Jerry, Larry-O-Lolo, JF3, Steve, and Jideus all got in carts. “I’d like to show you three a place you’ll REALLY like! The admin HQ!” said steve.

Minutes later…

SCREECH…  the minecart skid to a stop. All six of them hopped out. “This,” steve said “is the ADMIN HQ!

Suddenly, a portal whipped open, and away went larry-o-lolo,  jerry, elephant, steve, jideus DC, and

jango fett III. a new world ahead, new friends too… this was roblox. To be continued…

to know more about the characters, see the book: tales of a Minecraft explorer


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