join blue read books!

do you like writing comics and books? are you creative? do you want to be on the blue read books team? if you answered ‘yes’ to at least 1 of these questions, take the BRB test to see if your a fit for blue read books! remember! be honest with yourself! but if you don’t fit in, remember, you can create your own comic or book company, and post some of your comics or books on the website through a comment, we might just ask you to join! so,  are you ready to take the test? good! lets start!

question 1: do you like writing?

A. yes! i love it!

B. only if it’s fun

C. if i’m forced to…

D. ugh, don’t even mention that hideous subject!

question 2: do you like drawing?

A. i’m a true artist, yeah boyyyy!

B. i guess… but i’m not so good at drawing _____.

C. well… i can draw a dog! sort of…

D. no. period.

question 3: do you picture yourself as creative?

A. yeah! i’m more creative than a gonzeles 3 legged table with hatches in a zebra marathon!

B. i guess, i can get going if i’m motivated!

C. i’m a slacker!

D. ehh… nope!

question 4 (last one!) how do you picture a BRB meeting?

A. awesome! good refreshments, great ideas! so many creative geniuses!

B. cool! nice talks, great food, pretty good!

C. pretty good, i guess…

D. boring! booooooooring!

great news! you finished the test! check out your score to find out if you’re a great BRB member!

for every answer ‘A’ you got you get 1 point

for every answer ‘B’ you got you get 2 points

for every answer ‘C’ you got you get 3 points

for every answer ‘D’ you got you get 4 points

add your answers!

if you got 4 to 6 points, congrats! your a team member!

if you got 7 to 9 points, nice work! your a team member, but be sure to work on your skills a little.

if you got 10 to 12 points, well, your not a member– yet! try working on your skills and remember, it supposed to be fun, not a chore! if you work hard on your skills and try your best, you can become a member!

if you got 13 to 15 points, sorry, but try again another time, or make your own company! we could get interested in your work! or you could just continue reading comics!


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