tales of a minecraft explorer- public edition- e-book


 Tales of a Minecraft Explorer


Written by Jacob Taylor

A Blue Read Books production

this is one of many in our series of short stories

Prologue an explorer’s tale

Once there was a minecrafter whose name was steve. He was wandering around his house showing a friend, when his friend recommended a certain place named paradise. “It has a HUGE city, small villages around the city, restaurants, hotels… anything you could imagine!” told the excited friend. “Maybe i’ll go there soon…” replied steve. (dear reader, please note paradise is in fact a real world created by Jango Fett III) 

Chapter 1: City, what city?

As steve entered the world he walked around. Thinking aloud he said, “maybe this is another one of Ace’s tricks!” (Ace is the name of Steve’s friend.) “all I see for miles is trees, grass, and flowers.” Up ahead there was a mountain. “Maybe if I climb this i’ll get a better view!” just 18 blocks away from the top he saw a sign. It said: EMERALD CAVES BE AWARE OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. Beneath it was a minecart on a track. Hopping on he looked around, heck, alot of emerald ore would be an understatement! “Boy this sure is one thick mountain” steve muttered to himself. Finally when he reached the other side he wasn’t surprised to see a bustling city! There was a place called uptown theatre, and another called Dos: bar and steakhouse. “Mmm… steak!” thought steve. He walked to a building that said main check in. “hi, my name is Alex, how may I help you?” “uhh… do you have a map of the place?” steve asked. “Sure, free maps are right here!” alex pulled a switch and a map fell out. Steve picked it up. “Thanks for your help umm… what’s your name again?” steve asked “my name’s Alex” alex replied as he walked out the door, steve heard a friendly voice say: “Welcome to Paradise Falls!” When steve turned around he was scared for a second when he saw a man wearing a light blue shirt with a leather jacket and jeans, the most surprising bit, though, was the zombie mask. “I am Jango Fett III, owner of this town and creator of this place we call paradise. Would you like me to show you to my house?” “sure!” replied steve. When they had walked quite a bit, Jango signaled steve to wait, then he whistled real loud. And a horse appeared! “Hop on!” Jango said. The two rode for a minute, until they reached a long wooden building with a sign in front marked: WE KILL CREEPERS! Walking inside steve noticed the same plate used to open the doors lit up lights beside them. Steve heard a crackling fire and hoped that Jango’s house hadn’t caught flame. Jango showed steve his kitchen, his bedroom, his library, fireplace (whew), and garden. “Nice flowers” said steve. “Thanks” replied Jango. “Ya wanna know why I don’t have to use water in a stream around em?” asked Jango “why?” steve replied “cuz all the water from the falls creates mist in the morning which turns into alot of dew that soaks into the ground. I don’t have to mess up the array with some little stream! After Jango and Steve’s little talk steve bought an apartment to stay the night.

The next day steve woke up bright and early. Peeking out his window he saw Jango Fett III killing creepers for the town he was wearing a creeper mask instead of a zombie one so the creepers wouldn’t attack him. “Smart!” steve thought aloud. After the creepers were gone the city streets filled with people, including steve. Steve started on exploring again. He found a store called parget. It had EVERYTHING! Inside it had a snack bar and a garbucks. Parget had music playing, juke-boxes, chests (on sale), crafting blocks, anvils, books, armor, weapons, and SO MUCH MORE!!!! He went inside the hotel that had a pool, took a couple laps and walked to the main check in to see alex, but mainly to find a train. Inside steve asked what villages surrounded the area. “Winter village, summer village, and big village.” answered alex.” is there a train going to winter?” asked steve. “Two blocks down but you’ll wanna hurry up!” alex replied. When steve got to the station he bought his ticket (he knew the currency was emeralds) and hopped on the train just in time! He rode down to the winter village and looked at all the snow. There were a few brick houses and an ice skating rink. Also what looked like a pumpkin pie place was being made. Steve went ice skating and then asked the manager: “why don’t you expand to across the river?” asked steve. “Oh,” the manager answered “because that is Herobrine’s island” “what’s a Herobrine?” asked steve. “Not who, but what, you can look at the city records in the library of paradise falls to find out.”

On the train to the summer village steve was wondering about herobrine. When the train stopped steve felt REALLY hot, no, baking, actually, the appropriate word would be ROASTING! It had an amazing array of farmland and it had a public pool right next to a grocery store. “Hmmmm…” said steve. “I’m a little hungry. Maybe i’ll stop in to get some porkchop.” after buying the porkchop with emeralds, (paradise falls’ currency, jango fett III gave steve a few.) steve went to the town square to eat. But he had to eat fast! The train would be at the station in 1 minute! Luckily he had been in 9 pie eating contests before so it was no sweat!

Catching the train to the big village, he was amazed to see the amount of huts and houses! “Not as many as paradise falls, but still alot!” he thought to himself. Pretzels! A zoo! Roller-coasters! Many villagers, along with other players, of course! “Wow! Lots of things to do here! Waitaminute… ACE?!” he yelled. “Ace ace! Over here! Ace!” he shouted! Ace was in the market talking with a villager when steve walked up. “Hey ace!” he repeated once more. “huh?!” said ace. “Whoa! Steve! Nice chop!” he replied. Steve didn’t realize he was still holding the porkchop. “Oh, yeah, it’s pretty tasty!” steve then switched to emeralds, then his diamonds. He walked to the library with ace, then he traded the librarian for sticks. “I see they have a few crafting tables. I’ve got 6 diamonds! That’s probably enough!” said steve. “Enough?” asked ace, “for what?!” “for this!” steve replied, holding up a diamond sword and a diamond pickaxe. “Whoa dude!” exclaimed ace. “Where’d you get the diamonds?” “paradise falls.” he replied. “Speaking of… let’s go there, it’s getting dark.”

Chapter 2: who is herobrine?

At home the two friends slept in ace’s house and ate breakfast (killing a spider along the way) at robin’s diner. “Those were the best apples i’ve ever had! And the pumpkin pie, delish!” exclaimed steve! “I know! I’m their #1 fan!” ace replied. “Then i’m their number 2.” steve said.

Afterward, the duo went out to the train station. “Why are we here?” asked steve. “You’ll see…” ace replied with a big grin on his face. Two tickets to…” steve couldn’t hear the rest for ace started whispering. Getting into their carts they ran along a thin dark nether brick track. Slowly coming to a stop they reached what looked like an old broken down farm. Walking in they saw a library. Ace told steve to wait and in a minute and 48 seconds (to be exact) ace came back with a book about someone named ‘herobrine’ and a map of here to ‘herobrine’s island’. They got onto another track made of white quartz. Then, a few minutes later, they arrived at another station in winter village. Meeting the butcher they talked and he rented a boat from out back of the butcher shop. “Hop in!” ace finally said. “Okay.” steve replied. Ace rowed across the river. And steve started reading out loud the book ace had borrowed. It read about herobrine, his island (which it seemed like they were headed for.) traps on his island, and the only way to stop him. “Uhhhh… i’m not sure, but I think this is the way to herobrine’s island.” steve said cautiously. “And that be my plan steve!” ace replied. “WHAT?!” screamed steve. “DID YOU EVEN REALIZE THE TRAPS?!” “yep.” said ace. “I have a place to recover. You might wanna sit down for this.” “WHAT IS IT THEN?!” steve asked loudly. “I’ll tell you the story of three minecrafters, and a world divided. Once I had a deal with Jango Fett III and I was in charge of all you see here on Herobrine’s island! I created a wondrous theme park, mineparks. And in the end of the construction, see that tall tower up to down?” “yes” steve replied, more calmly this time. “That tower, that’s the crantatious. The favorite of all visitors. But then, he came.” “who?” asked steve. “Herobrine. He tore the place apart built a wall like the berlin wall. And I saw all of my creation torn in two! I hate him for that and hoped he would never do all he could ever do otherwise… so he did do otherwise. He trapped the whole place top to bottom! The entire community of paradise, including Jango and I, attacked this here wall.” ace said all as the boat bumped the wall. “I’m coming here to get my place back.” suddenly, an arrow flew past their heads and a skeleton jumped down! Killing it ace said “herobrine is a suspect of the 2014 skeleton attack, and the 2016 skeleton horse attack. He’s obsessed with skeletons. Especially those with armor.” “so if this ‘Herobrine’ thing is real, then why don’t people just gang up and fight him?” steve asked. “Cuz herobrine is… a hacker!” ace replied. Steve stood in shock. Then he thought to himself: ‘what’s the only way to stop a hacker? By using a firewall!’ then, steve said “that’s it! Where is your contact device you got in your mod? I wanna see it for a sec.” “okay… but why?” asked ace. “I need to contact Jango Fett III!”

To make a very long story short… he did, and told him about the firewall idea. Jango accepted! “Yesssss!” steve yelled in excitement! Then, he did a victory dance and dabbed. Soon the game exited, and reloaded. Seeing all the citizens of the falls and the villages, he told them all “follow me and ace here! We have a brilliant plan!” and everyone was at the big wall of the newly called ‘herobrine’s island’. Placing ladders all onto the wall. Steve and ace handed everyone, who didn’t have one, a diamond sword.

Chapter 3: End of Herobrine

“CHAAAAAARGE!!!!” yelled steve in both excitement, and anger. “What th’ heck?!” screamed herobrine! Poof! He died. “Uhhhh… that was MUCH easier then I thought.” one of the citizens exclaimed. And then… poof! He respawned, poof! He died. Poof! He respawned.

(a few hours later) “wait!!!” yelled herobrine! “Stop!” all the citizens stopped to see what herobrine was saying. “I am herobrine, I come here to this world to just create a better base in this area! After my old one was destroyed by my brother notch, I looked for other worlds to build one in! Please just let me stay here in peace and I’ll let you stay there in that waterfall place thingey of yours!” said herobrine. “Okay” said ace, “but under one condition!” “yes?!” said herobrine “tell me… why did you destroy my fun park?” said ace. “Fun park? There was no fun park when I got here… it was just all of these fenced off ruins!” replied herobrine. “But… if it wasn’t you who destroyed my park… then who did?” asked ace. “Oh no! It must be… him! I gotta get outta here, FAST!” yelled herobrine. “who’s … him?” asked steve. “The ender dragon… only the fiercest dragon of all minecraftia’s time! The boss of the game, living in the end!” yelped herobrine, while he was packing anything he could salvage from when the citizens burnt half the place. “Only in a one out of a thousand, million games is a glitch where the dragon can come to the world and destroy anything, and everything.” “how do you stop him?” asked ace (so many questions bubbling and brewing in his head.) “the only way to stop him…” herobrine answered right before he made th leap to the next game he could find. “…is to go to the end and defeat him, once you do that, push his egg offa the cliff…” herobrine said as he jumped to the next world. “Let’s go back to the library.” said steve. “I’ve gotta investigate.”

Back at the library, steve went through books and books and books and books and… well… you get the point! After his little ‘book-a-thon’ (and a good night’s rest in his room) steve invited ace and Jango Fett III to robin’s diner. “Okay, guys, remember what herobrine said about the ‘dragon’ from the ‘end’…” steve asked. “Yeah… jinx!” yelled the two others at the same time. “Jinx jinx!” they yelled until finally Jango won. “Owe me a pixelized coke, hahaha!” said jango, now sporting a smirk. “Okay, about the dragon… I found that he can be stopped by: TNT, swords, bow & arrow, and, you’re not gonna believe this, BEDS! Hahahahahahahaha ohohohohohohoho!” exclaimed steve between bites of his apples and pie. The two others, Jango and ace, stared at each other, then stared at steve. Then, finally, Jango Fett III said “we do, maybe, sorta, have an underground end portal i keep a secret from everybody…” then, it was steve’s turn to stare in amazement with ace. “Well what’r we waitin’ for guys… let’s go!” steve yelled in excitement, as he was pulling three emeralds out of his pocket.

Underground laboratory, location: the broken down capitol of the old mesa village. A single ring of end blocks lay on the pit of lava, surprisingly (or not to those of you who have been to the end) not burning. On top of them all but one lay eyes of ender. And a chest with the last one in it next to a bed, a double chest with materials, a crafting table, and a furnace. Then Jango recited the list: “okay, y’all say check if ya’ have it.” “stop with the southern accent!” said ace “i’m from that area y’know!” “okay okay!” said Jango. “Beds?” “check!” “TNT?” “check!” “flint & steel?” “check!” “swords?” “check!” “arrows and bows?” “check… and check!” “obsidian?” “check!” “steve, would you like to do the honors?” asked jango. “Would I EVER!” the portal lit up and the trio jumped to the swirling darkness!

Generating world building terrain…

ZAP! The end came into place. Above them they saw the gigantic pillars of obsidian. “Quick! Build an obsidian house!” steve said, after he had looked around quite a bit. Just in time the three built a wall of obsidian that stopped the dragon’s energy blast. “Phwew!” exclaimed ace. “That could have been a disaster!” They, then, built the rest of the house. And they filled it with many useful items (forgetting the bed, but remembering the crafting table.) Then, with the remaining obsidian, they created blast walls to shoot arrows from behind, and duck for cover. “Look! He’s stopped blasting! Quick! Put the TNT onto the bedrock pillar!” said Jango. “Done!” Said ace. “He’s comin’ a-down! Light it!” yelled steve. BOOM! The health bar flew down to… 1! “Oh my gosh!” yelled Jango. Fzzzzzaaaaapppp! The dragon grew! Two heads! But still one health point! But they both started rapid fire! And ace jumped from a tower, he flashed his sword! Slice! The health bar dropped to zilch! “Wahooo!” “yeah” yay!” “victory dab!” the egg dropped. Right onto the bedrock pillar. Steve kicked it off of the world. It exploded into a fiery hole of darkness. The trio traveled back to paradise. But only to find the winter village completely melted! Villagers swimming through the skating rink! Puddles dripping from the roofs! And the trees, all chopped down! “Who coulda’ done this?” asked steve. “Yesss…. Who? Mwahahahaha!” a dark voice screeched.

“I am the leader of the admin group. We were once famous protectors of this land!” said the so called ‘admin leader’. “Then, with the new fangled ‘firewalls’ we were banished from the land! Now, I have come to get my revenge, and i will destroy all of the firewalls that protect this land! And with the help of my admin crew… i will be UNSTOPPABLE!” he said. then , he vanished into thin air. “What.” “the.” “heck.” said Jango Fett III. “put the battle army of horses and riders up at full guard and close all imports! I want this city on HIGH ALERT!” he said. “You two, with the hat and stripes.” said ace. “Go messange out to every city, village, town, hut, everywhere, even the most remote places people live, tell them we are all in danger. I want the entire world to know this threat!” “call in Notch18! Said Jango. “I’ve got a meeting to deal with at the city news broadcast!

⚡ breaking news! This just in: notch traveled to paradise falls to discuss a threat to the city! We are here with alex… uhh… i don’t know her last name (and doubt she even has one!) hi alex!     Alex?    Aaaallllleeeexxxx???!!! “Hi mark I’m here with Jango Fett III here. Jango Fett III is it true that there is some sort of admin thingey out here threatening our city we know as paradise falls?” “yes alex there is (and call me ‘Jango’) so there is an admin group that used to protect our cities, now when the new update to minecraft came and  our protection was advanced to firewalls to keep hackers out! (such as the notorious herobrine.) my friend here notch” “yo” “and I banished them in fear they might use their powers for evil. Makin’ a long story short: they did! I do have a suspicion that their leader (the one who attacked us was marionet12345!” “wait so you were attacked by this marionet guy? Ayayayayayay! Uhh… did you happen to catch if he likes puppets?” “no we did not.” “thank you Jango and back to you mark!” “thank you and the weather today will be…⚡ “i’ve had enough news for today!” said Jango. “You did great!, jinx!” exclaimed steve and ace at the same time. “Your jeans were ripped” said notch. “Typical you!” said Jango.

Memphisity: the lost broken down temple of memphis. (not tennessee)”why must they be alert and have their so called “firewalls” onto my property! I got called out by a hacker alert and had to use my power to disable it! I want you all on high alert, higher alert, highest alert! I want nobody to cross the gates of memphisity, besides us, without a devastating end! Nelroy! Merck! Where are you boneheads?!”

Chapter 4: the spy and the master

“Uhhh yes sir!” said nelroy and merek. “I want you two to go scout out the city, here, use these to disguise your voice! Now go!” nelroy and merek got on a track right on the side of the base, the zoomed up high out of the crater their base was located in, then, they traveled through the wreckage.

Over in the city, a spy from the imperial army of the falls came to report to Jango, Ace, Notch, and Steve that he had overheard their base was in a crater in memphisity. “Let’s go right away!” notch said, in fear the admin would strike if they didn’t get a chance to stop him.

Later, in a few minutes (where nelroy and merek are in time)

Whoosh went merek’s cart! “Did you guys hear somethin’?” asked steve. “Um… I did!” said ace. “Yeeeeha!” said nelroy “what the heck?!” yelled Jango “follow em’!” he yelled again. They brought out a few collected minecarts and chased them towards the city, then, they followed the two comrades onto the netherrack track. Up they went to the city, but nelroy and merek were already wreaking havoc on the city! “Stop it now!” yelled, none other than… herobrine? “Ugh, two villains to fight?” screamed steve. “Not anymore! I’m on your side (just like nationwide!)” herobrine replied. “Wow!” steve whispered to himself “there are just more friends coming and coming!” “LOOK OUT!” yelled nelroy, who dodged a fireball. The fireball then hit merek. “I told you to… LOOK OUT!” nelroy again said, but this time, the fireball, it hit him. They both lay on the ground, out cold! “I’m here to help. The leader, I spied on him, his name is marionet12345, and i’ve got a bone to pick with him so… can i maybe, kinda, sorta…”  “oh get on with it!” said ace. “Uhhhh… join your team?” herobrine asked. “Yes” notch said. “Kay! Follow me to find marionet12345!” herobrine exclaimed.

They all walked about the desert until they came to a fork in the road. The fork had a sign with the words: memphisity: 20 miles east. Then, they decided which way to go. Herobrine thought they should gather enchantments from the near broken-down shack, but the others had plans to enchant in memphisity. So they hiked ‘til they got to memphisity. “Here we are! The enchantment hut!” exclaimed notch. “Can i go inside first?! I have to go to the bathroom REALLY bad!” steve asked. “I guess so…” notch replied. Clink clank! “Guys! Stop fooling around with your armor!” yelled jango fett III. “it wasn’t me!” said herobrine, “not me!” notch answered as well, “well, it ain’t me either.” Jango said, “not meeee” steve yelled from the hut’s bathroom. “Then… who?” they all said. “Aaaaaaahhhhh!” screamed steve, the roof was caving in on him!” “heh, heh, heh!” a dark voice screeched into the winds, it was the marionet1234! “Just like at minecon! Notch, you seem to be everywhere i am, and i hate you sooo, i might as well destroy you and everyone else who’s your friend!” marionet1234 said. “Hey! Marionet! Can i call you mary?! Hahahaha!” yelled jango, to try and distract him. The distraction worked but, when steve and herobrine tried to attack from behind, things got worse! “Seriously! You should really become a bad guy, the manual on being bad is sooo good, anyway, where was i? Oh! Yes! Your destruction!” “i’m not interested in being destroyed today!” yelled steve as he jump-kicked marionet1234’s back! “Crazy day not to!” yelled crazie, one of marionet1234’s minions, as he threw steve off the roof! “Rrrrrroasted!” yelled crazie. “Technically, that ain’t a roast, but literally, you’re about to meet the blade of my diamond sword!” yelled jango. “Now that’s a roast!” exclaimed notch.

A note from the author: if you don’t know pop culture of 2012 through 2017, then you should read this note, if you do, then you can just skip it! A roast (or a burn) is when you insult someone, or something about em’, and roasting is really popular in this time period, especially 2016 and 2017, so now you know! By the way, your hair is so 2015… roasted! just kidding!

Wham! Crazie hit the ground with only 5 hearts left! “Ima run up and you jump onto him!” yelled notch, he ran up to crazie, and herobrine jumped onto him, in just enough time for notch to deliver the final hit! “Attack! My admin crew, all of you! Attack them!” and, because of all of the commotion, notch deleted any trace of the admins.

15 days later…

“Now, as ruler of paradise, i declare no longer shall there be an admin group in paradise, or in fellow games, such as mini flying piggy (server 12579) or pirate’s cove 2 (server 2XP) and they will be replaced by a program that notch’s friend jeb will be working on: programmable iron golems, we will be able to program these iron golems, through the game, to protect anything, or anyone, you program them to. By the way, you should be expecting these in pirate’s cove 2, paradise, and mini flying piggy in march 2017! That is all!” said Jango Fett III.

Chapter 5: the final battle!

“Happy birthday Jango!” the city residents cried! A big billboard hung up in town. Everyone was so happy, and just then, the city square’s new redstone billboard, that could livestream video, lit up with action news 2437:

⚡this just in! A new iron golem has been loaded into an update, the police of the area have spawned 12 so far, to protect the city outskirts, and the city itself, along with the outer villages! You can spawn your own by checking out a new guide in a certain library at the apartment and mall square building! Also, in other news: the winter village has been re-constructed! We are now able to travel there! Memphisity has been turned into the newly found memphis national park and rec. And crater park has a new attraction: the minecart to bedrock! For more breaking news on action news 2437, please visit www.bluereadbooks.wordpress.com thank you!⚡

“Wow! What an exciting week!” jango fett exclaimed. “That november week! I still have great memories! Wait… what’s that?!” “i am disastron! I am A mistaKe when jeb trieD to create the programMed iron golems! I haVe coMe to dEstroy ALl thAt Is in mY sight!” said disasteron. “Wait!” yelled steve, “you can’t!” ‘and why might that be?” asked disasteron. “Because your gonna have to get through me first!” yelled steve as he knocked disastron off the side of the balcony, then, two iron golems jumped down and punched him over and over again. he then flew off and the police ran to the cop tower central, taking jango, notch, steve, herobrine, and jeb. (who had just came to see what all the commotion was about) they scanned the sky, the ground, and the nether, end, and oceans, but there was no readings of disasteron. Then, a policemen got a reading, “he’s down back in memphisity, just like that puppet guy!” said the officer, “you mean marionet1234?” said the police chief through bites of his cookie, the next best thing to a doughnut! Of course! “Yes!” cried the officer. Then, all the entire police force, the iron golems, and our team of 4+ jeb, got on boats and minecarts traveling across the sea, and went to memphisity, to once and forall, wipe out all evil in paradise!

78 feet northeast of paradise falls, to be exact:

The police force hid in barrels and in broken-down shacks, huts, houses, and a blacksmith’s shop,  from disastron as he wandered out into the night, with a gigantic diamond sword, enchanted, in his hand, he chopped down 5 huts, and 2 houses for wood, and went back inside his cave. He came back out, but this time, he cut the roof off of a hut, 12 policemen and jeb were hiding inside! The police launched at him with arrows but it was no use! They all bounced off him and landed on the roof of the hut next door the police force shot at him and laid on him with swords while the iron golems punched.  But it was no use, this creature was… indestructible! Virtually indestructible!  “None can destroy disastron!” he yelled he threw back the entire army of paradise and moved the falls southwest for 15 whole minutes with only the shockwave of his foot! He was too good to be true! It was jeb’s best creation, the ender dragon and the wither would be jealous! Except for one tiny problem… it was trying to wipe out minecraft WHOLE!!!!

“WAIT!” steve yelled, just as disastron would create the next shockwave. “What do you want to say before you are wiped off the face of the earth?!” disastron yelled. “You… you don’t have to be… a monster, y- you don’t have to be… evil! If you want… with laws and the permission of the police, and us you could be, you could be part of the iron golem’s team!” steve yelled for all close to hear. “What?!” disasteron said as he staggered backward. “What are you trying to pull?” “nothing at all!” steve implied “i just want you to be our friend, and not our enemy!” steve said “can you do that?” “y… yes! I- I- I can!” disastron said between tears of joy and sadness,  “and i’m sorry! I just wanted to be… something! And not a mistake, i wanted to be like the creeper! So much popularity, and no one tries to discriminate him or discard him!” then, jeb said “actually, the creeper was a mistake! We just found a place for him, as can we find a place for you! Do you know the minigame factions…”

3 months later, at the arkham network server…

Spider pocoyo, one of the online staff, was showing a new update on their factions minigame, where a new update, the disastron, was wrecking the factions and the players had to avoid him by using certain materials and defences. Over at paradise, the crew was working on a new minigame section in memphisity, disasteron was happy and the new update was going better than ever! It was paradise’s 2nd birthday on april 19th! Steve and alex were dating! The citizens had a giant machine called the automatic house cleaner drop lots of dyes of every color everywhere! “Happy birthday paradise falls!” the citizens sang!

And i know it’s a cheesy way to end a book with a happy ending, but i couldn’t think of a good cliffhanger! Be sure to be on the lookout for the next book: Minecraft the guide to all you need to know!

This is the end of our book so i guess i won’t see you again until the next one! Bye! – JF3🌟 日本語版のために、地元の書店を参照してください!

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