Cu-Cu Clock Damig!


By Jacob Taylor

October 6, 2013

B1 CCClock FrontCover

Cu-Cu Clock Damage! By Jacob Taylor, October 6, 2013

B1 CCClock pgs1&2

Trash: “Hey! Why are you doing that to the clock?” Soda Bottle: “trying to fix it.”

B1 CCClock pgs3&4

Trash: “Dude, It’s just a clock.” Soda bottle: “There! i’m done! Now, its not just a clock – it’s a Cu-Cu clock! Here you take care of it…” Trash: “No way!”

B1 CCClock pgs5&6

1 hour later… (Trash turns on the TV) 2 hours later… (Trash is in the middle of watching a football game on TV) Announcer: “And he makes it in!!!” Trash: “YES!” Cu-Cu Clock: “CU-CU!!!” Trash: “AHHHHH!”

B1 CCClock pgs7&8

door bell: Ding dong! Trash: who is it!? Soda Bottle: Me. Trash: Me who? Soda Bottle: Me,I got a haircut. Trash: Thank goodness!

B1 CCClock pgs9&10

Soda Bottle: It was qui-. Trash: Take it, take the whole thing! Soda Bottle: OK?!

B1 CCClock pgs11&12

The End CU-CU!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

B1 CCClock BackCover

This story is about a very loud cu-cu clock and a mistaken “Soda Bottle”. Enjoy others: Bad Trash, Trasharomya, Stormy Day Trash.


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